The Mimsi Mountain Meade Makers!

August 2, 2008 at 1:00 am (Mead Making) (, , , , , , , )

Minsi Mountain Meade Makers
Tools of the Trade

My sister and brother-in-law, (Eydie and Sammy) have started a new project learning how to make Mead. Here you see my sister Eydie sterilizing the dark honey and spring water. This has to be done before adding the yeast and nutrients.

And here are the new toys they will be playing with! (Perhaps Brother Sammy can get a clearer picture?).

A little Mead making music, sung by Sister Eydie and accompanied by Brother Sammy


  1. Zach Wight said,

    Well it looks like a mini lab on the table. I hope it turns out good for ya’ll. Love you

  2. Sammy Wight said,

    The little music diddy that Brother John posted came at a time that was such a fun family day! Eydie and I hadn’t played that song in a year or so, and we fumbled our way through it, but had a great time doing it. We promised ourselves to go out on our front deck, overlooking the rolling hills of Newport, Pa, in the quiet and solitude, and videotape and record that song for all of you in a better format, and repost it here.

    My wife Eydie just completed her first book of poetry last year, so we will be showcasing many of the Wighthouse talents on this blog in days to come. Our family is very lucky to have grown up around very talented family musicians, as well as professionals who are our friends. We hope to throw in many artistically laden additions as we go. We hope you will add your comments and help us make this blog live a long life!

    Thank you my friends,
    Sammy Wight

  3. Carole said,

    I’m so there for that…I’ll play wine steward and maybe…just maybe…after a few myself, add some harmony on “House Carpenter”

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