The Funnel Technique.

August 18, 2008 at 7:25 pm (Airlock, Blackberry, Carboy, Filter, Funnel, Strainer bag, Wine Making) (, , , , , )

Here Eydie demonstrates another method of transfer. The Funnel Technique:


  1. Jean said,

    Eydie and Sammy,

    Did you hear about bottles in the shape of a funnel to use for wine making instead of the regular 23 L (5 gallon) glass bottles?

    If seems this helps avoid racking, etc., since the process is made in single funnel.


  2. Eydie said,

    Jean, thank you for the comment. Do you have a link to this “bottle” or the “process?”

    thank you.


  3. Jean said,

    Eydie and Sammy,

    No I don’t have a link. All I know is that such a device is apparently manufactured in Ontario.

    I am trying to find information on the internet but without success.

    It is a 23 L plastic Carboy made in the shape of a funnel ending into a spheric recipient at the bottom. By using such, you can put a wine kit in the Carboy and remove the bottom part to throw away sediments. It means also that there is no racking at all. The wine completes its cycle in the same suspended Carboy.

    All you have to do is insert clarifying agents and that’s it.


  4. Brother John said,

    Jean, Brother John (Blog Master) here. I’m wondering if you’re thinking of a Conical Fermenter? It features all the ease of use you are describing and eliminates racking. I’ve added a description of one (with pictures) to our Mead (and wine) Making Equipment section. You can get right to it by clicking on this link.

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