The Funnel Technique. » Perhaps a little too much love?

Eydie loves her blackberry wine!

Hmmm. Perhaps she needs a smoke about now?


  1. Susie said,

    Looks like raspberry wine to me. I bet it is delicious. Cute picture

  2. Brother John said,

    Susie, It DOES look like Raspberry doesn’t it? Hard to believe it started out as plump juicy ripe Blackberries isn’t it? I understand from Eydie and Sammy that the Blackberry wine is fermenting nicely and even tastes delicious at this stage. Eydie and Sammy also made some Elderberry wine which I’ve heard is fast turning into the nectar of the GODS!!! Can’t wait until these are all ready to try out! Yum!

    Thanks for the post comment!

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

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