Fruit of the vine. » Wild Vine Berries #3

Looks like something has been eating them.

Reminds me of grapes. Well only a little. But something has been eating these berries. They are probably poisonous to humans but I guess some birds can digest them. I just love the colors!


  1. Susan said,

    What is the name of this beautiful vine? How do you propagate it? I have a little branch of one.

  2. Eva Gentry said,

    What is this berry, and is it edible?

  3. Brother John said,

    This vine is known as the Porcelain Berry vine. It is an ornamental plant, originally native to the more temperate areas of Asia, it’s beautiful sky blue berry has now made it popular in the USA. It’s Latin name is Ampelopsis brevipedunculata. Although the Porcelain Berry is relatively slow to establish, it does tend to grow rather quickly and has been known to be quite tenacious. Being relatively insect and disease resistant, it sometimes is detrimental to other native species. The fruit of the Porcelain Berry is editable in theory but the taste (to humans) is so nasty it’s unlikely to be in the mouth very long!

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