Got Me In A Jam

September 18, 2008 at 11:39 am (Blackberry, Brother John, Family) (, , , , )

Home Goodness... Packed With Love!

Thank you very much Eydie and Sammy for sending me such a nice (and tasty) gift. And this time, it was two (2) jars, and this time they were big!!! This homemade goodness is so addictive… I might very well get myself into a… jam. <Cough>. I know this gift was packed with LOVE. (Why… it said so right on the packaging didn’t it?).

Hey! The color of that napkin is my favorite color! It just gets better and better. Thank you guys!

Love, Brother John

That's it. Feel it. Soft isn't it! Go on... Rub it some more!

Oh! Nice swatch! So soft! Bet it would make for a nice T-Shirt?


  1. Sylvia said,

    Brother John,

    Perhaps Eydie and Sammy forgot to tell you….don’t eat it straight from the jar with a spoon this time….it may last longer that way!!


  2. Brother John said,


    🙂 Oh my! You DO know me better then I thought! But this time you were wrong! Wrong I say!!! Last time around I used a rubber spatula!!! Ha ha ha ha! My two kitties wanted to lick my face after that one! But don’t worry, none of that gooey blackberry delight went to waste. Except maybe my waist. I’m going to try it on some bagels tomorrow morning. That’s after I finish my scrapple, along with some sautĂ©ed onions, hot peppers, green peppers, bacon, and mushrooms that will go inside my five egg cheese omelet. Oh! And a side of homemade hash browns to be washed down with a pot of coffee and a quart of OJ. Then I’ll have my pancakes!!! Oh Oh! I can put some jam on the pancakes too!

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  3. Sis said,

    Hey Big Brother,

    Nephew Roger has also discovered the joys of the jam. I thought he’d given up his previous love affair with peanut butter but now it’s back with the addition of blackberry jam. We’ll be out hocking the family jewels for black market blackberry before next jam making season rolls around.

    And Sylvia, my dear, we are nearly ready to bottle the blackberry wine. No spatula for you girl! Just a great big glass!

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