Sammy demonstrates the Racking Technique

September 23, 2008 at 8:50 am (Carboy, Mead Making, Wine Making) (, , , , , , , , )

By Sammy Wight

Sammy racks the Mead

Last night we “racked” the Mead, or, transferred it into another Carboy while keeping all the sediment out of the transfer. This is the 2nd time we have done this. The very best part of this task was the “taste test,” and boy is it tasting good! We poured enough to fit into a shot glass, and the little sip i had was packed with quite a “kick!,” which surprised me, but what a great surprise. I was told recently that Mead must sit for at least 3 years before it is good enough to taste, and at it’s best in 6-9 years. WELL, i don’t think i will be letting this batch sit that long. I may put back one bottle to age for some time, but the rest will have to be shared as gifts and for special occasions. I do see, in the near future, several “one-gallon batches” with different flavors.

We taste tested Eydie’s Blackberry wine also, and it was superb! The Elderberry Wine is not quite ready, still a bit cloudy, but… it did taste wonderful! What is so cool about all this is… ”We took the time, effort, and energy to make these wines from scratch, and the bounty from the result is already showing to be very worth while!”

Capping The Blackberry Wine Eydie's Seven Bottles of Blackberry Wine (one is upright in the back)


  1. Sylvia said,


    And this may not be gospel, but here is some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the many years of wine making and the (only) two years of Mead making:

    Keep your freshly corked wine upright for 24-48 hours so that it doesn’t leak and attract fruit flies. Then you can lay it on its side.

    If there is a “kick” to your Mead, you may want to consider using beer or ale bottles….the non disposable kind that you can cap. They are less likely to blow off.

    You can get the bottles, caps and capper at Scotzin Bros.

    Don’t be in a hurry to bottle.

    When I made wine in Sept /October, I didn’t bottle until April.

    Can’t wait to sample the wares!!


  2. Eydie said,

    Hey Sylvia,

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the corks, we laid the bottles down right away and fortunately they didn’t leak. We plan to bottle the mead shortly before Christmas, I think, or after it falls clear. The elderberry is still working VERY actively.

    Went to Brother John‘s for his birthday yesterday (his birthday is TODAY!!!!!!!) I’ll write more about that later when I have some time, maybe at work tonight. Wish you had been there, good food, played some music, laughed a lot.

    Love ya,

  3. Sylvia said,

    There once was a brother named John,
    Who’s instincts are always switched “ON”.
    He’s very perceptive, and always selective,
    with his words from dusk until dawn!!


  4. Brother John said,


    Why… I’m honored! Thank you so much for the nice limerick. (And a clean one at that!). Seriously, I do thank you for such a nice present! That type of gift means more to me then any wrapped in paper!

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  5. Donna said,

    Hello Sister Eydie (and Brother Sammy who I have not yet been introduced to….)

    Brother John has been very helpful with assisting my friend, Mike with developing his blog. We have learned a lot from reading yours!

    If you get a chance, we’re especially proud of Mike’s recent entry he titled: “Journey into a tropical rain forest at the National Aquarium“. Brother John recommended we try using more photographs and this was the result!

    Please feel free check out our site. We also love visitors and, like you, love comments even more!


  6. Brother John said,

    Hi Donna! What a surprise hearing from you! Thank you so much for visiting, and leaving a comment on our humble blog site! I’m sure Eydie and/or Sammy will also give you a response when they get some time. Thanks for giving us a heads up on Mike‘s new project. Looks like you guys are on the right track! Good job too with the introduction of more photos!

    Brother John (BlogMaster)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

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