News from Lansdowne » Dad’s Invention Detail View

Dad’s Invention Detail View

By Brother John

I must admit my father is a mechanical genius! (Or is that maniacle?) Anyway, here you can see a close up of Kathy’s ventilation circuit attached to dad’s “solution” to her not being able to access the mouth piece. Right away Kathy’s advanced Muscular Dystrophy had prevented her from being able to put the mouth piece into her mouth. And while she practices weaning herself from daytime mechanical assisted breathing, I needed to stay stationed right next to her so I could put the mouth piece into her mouth when needed. She could get it back out of her mouth herself, but would have to ask for help each time she needed an assist.

We asked my father for help, and he came up with this solution. Right now we’re calling it a prototype because it’s functional, but not very pretty. Kathy prefers a more “low profile” look, but we have to say it’s certainly working out fantastically for Kathy right now. She is able to recline her chair forward to take a breath, and backward to breathe on her own.

Thank you Dad!
Love, Brother John

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