Brother John is BlogMaster to Eydie and Sammy Wight's blog site.

Yep, that’s me… Brother John… a.k.a. John A. Waldron. I’m the developer of Eydie’s and Sammy’s blog site. Should you notice any broken links, please be sure to let me know so I can find corrected ones, or perhaps remove them completely.

I am a survivor of a rare (for my age) blood based cancer. It took up residence in my upper left leg and hip. I first noticed things were going awry when I started to develop extreme pain when I’d try to walk after sitting for a while (I am a computer programmer after all). Since I care for my extremely disabled wife (Muscular Dystrophy), I put off doing anything about it for well over a year. In that time the pain went off the charts! Turned out to be early stage Multiple Myeloma. After much prayer, three operations (the last of which involved a hip replacement), some intense radiation therapy, and lots and lots of my unique humor and positive outlook on life, I learned that the cancer had stayed in one single spot, and that all of it had  been removed. Very very very rare! The result is that I’m now considered to be Cancer Free. That’s right! Not in remission, but rather absolutely cancer free. I’m a very lucky man. By the way, when this lucky phenomena occurs, it is called a “Solitary Plasmacytoma“.

I’m a Software Developer and am currently Senior Software Developer at Gift of Life Donor Program (GLDP). Gift of Life Donor Program is a non-profit agency serving the eastern half of Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware and is responsible for recovering and distributing organs and tissues used in life-saving and life-enhancing transplants.

In my “spare time” I enjoy programming (what else?), reading, writing, music, art, and life!

Feel free to use the contact form below to send me anything related to the functioning or design of this site that you might like to share. Notify me if you think I may have used anything that could be considered copyright protected! I assure you that any such items will be removed immediately.

Enjoy the site!

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

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  1. Sammy WIght said,

    Bother John is such a wonderful human being! He has the spirit of a spirit and is number one on my list of great humans I’ve met on planet earth. You will love all the incredible things you will find in Brother John’s world, so go explore! Let him help you open doors that you have only imagined until now! Have fun!

    Brother Sammy

    We Love You Brother John! :^)

  2. Brother John said,

    Thank ye kindly Brother Sammy. My motto is, as always, “One foot in front of the other”. By embracing life in that way, just one small step at a time, anything and everything can be accomplished!

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  3. Sylvia said,

    Hello All!!
    This includes you, too, Brother John. I am having so much fun staying up to date with the day by day account of Eydie and Sammy. It has filled the void of Eydie and I not being able to see each other as much as we did years ago. Passing of time does not necessarily mean passing of love and our relationship. I miss you so much Eydie, and one day soon I want to see you “LIVE”!!

    I look forward to reading and “watching” via pics, what’s going on…..I’m really and truly enjoying this!

  4. Brother John said,

    Hello Sylvia! Thank you for including me! Here at “The Adventures of Eydie and Sammy Wight”, we LOVE and APPRECIATE our visitor’s comments! I’m glad you are enjoying the site and that it has made you feel more connected to Eydie! That means we’re doing our job!

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  5. Sylvia said,

    To Sammy who wants a “kick” in the Mead:
    I only made it twice. The first time I obtained a recipe from a nurse’s brother who was a bee keeper, and also made the stuff. I couldn’t find the recipe ( I left the cake out in the rain…..)…sorry, just a hippie flash back….anyway, Bob probably got the recipe in the divorce along with the Electrolux. I think it had lemons and orange peels in it. But it probably came out too sweet for Sammy’s palate.

    The second time I made it, I actually got a kit from Scotzin Bros that the end product was like an ale, and I had to bottle it in this fasion, with bottle caps, because the end product had an efervecence (sp?) to it….hence the “kick”….perhaps your next batch, if there is one, deserves this option.

  6. Brother John said,

    Sylvia, I know that the “taste” that both Eydie and Sammy associate with their first sip of Mead was this rich wonderful honey flavored wine. In that case, it sounded like it was just a little sweet and had retained traces of the honey flavor from which it was made.

    I have a definite “sweet tooth” but when I drink wine, I tend to like it a little on the dry side. (Probably because my drink of preference is Old Granddad whiskey 🙂 ).

    As to effervescence (You really should think about switching to FireFox, it takes care of that little spelling thing for you! I’d be lost without it!), I like a bit of carbonation in drinks. So that sounds delightful. I keep thinking about getting a starter kit, but my wife Kathy is strongly opposed to another one of my “mad science” projects! 😦

    Thanks for the comments!

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  7. Sylvia said,

    Hello to all!!
    Again I must say, I love, love this site!! It’s safely locked on my “favorites”. I feel like I’ve time traveled to the “cool section” of Perry county, each time I read an entry.
    I’m thrilled to hear that the mead is not sick, and just needs patience on your part to finish. Don’t be in a hurry to bottle…wait until it’s crystal clear, so you don’t get those floaties.

    Some time soon I’d like to visit, we’ll have to see how our schedules mesh, too.

  8. Brother John said,

    Sylvia, It’s a real pleasure hearing from you. I wish more visitors would take a moment to comment. It was indeed great news hearing that the mead was not in “Stuck Fermentation”. I believe it also helped to rack it into a clean fresh Carboy. This is why wine making is sometimes referred to as an “Art” more than a science. Become ONE with the wine, become ONE with the wine. 🙂

    I am working on a new section that will talk about “Stuck Fermentation” and will give lots of tips to those who may need help with it. We’ll try to make this a well rounded informational site for everyone.

    Again, Thanks for enjoying the site! I work hard to format everything to look its best, but I’m always open to suggestion.

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  9. Eydie said,

    Hey Sylvia, obviously Brother John doesn’t know how deeply you take to heart “become one with the wine”! I shared a bottle of Lew’s wine a couple nights ago with my friend Carole and all we needed was to have you there for it to be like old times. We will have to get together soon, my friend. I’d love to take you up to visit Brother John, but alas, he does have inside cats. Cats still not a good idea? Part two of Beekeeper Dan’s visit coming to the blog, including the Great-grandma and the blindfolded chicken story, but last night at work was wicked. I need new feet!
    Love ya!

  10. Sylvia said,

    Thanks for having me in your thoughts while sipping wine! I would love to meet you, Brother John, and your wife, Kathy!! I’ve heard so much about you both over the years.
    To refresh your memory, Eydie, cats are usually not a problem with me so much…it’s dogs I can’t even be in the same space with, unless it’s outdoors. Some dogs are ok…like the ones that don’t shed at all. I’m guessing we won’t find time for me to visit before your house is closed up with dogs inside….we’ll have to see.

  11. Eydie said,

    Hey Sylvia,
    I had forgotten that cats were okay. My dogs are outside critters these days so come on out!

  12. Brother John said,

    And you know I’d enjoy meeting you too Sylvia! Perhaps Eydie and Sammy could find a way to bring you with them on some future visit?

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  13. Don Smith said,

    Looks good Brother John, doing a great job, I like the tags at the top.


  14. Brother John said,

    Don, Thank you so much for visiting my sister and brother-in-law’s site!

    Don Smith is the Blog Master for Creative Endeavors, and if you’ve never visited his site, I’d recommend it highly. Don is a very prolific writer, and has quite a sense of humor as well. I see Don as the voice of the struggling American, and in that role, he sheds excellent insight and wit concerning the events going on in America today. Don provides a nice mix of politics, shares his careful (and well researched) observations, and lays it on the line for all to see. Well worth the read.

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  15. Eydie said,

    Hi Don,

    Thank you so much for visiting our site and checking out all Brother John‘s efforts for us. I’ll be passing the Creative Endeavors site along to Sammy. He is very politically concerned and is perhaps single-handedly responsible for dragging me into a political awareness I’ve avoided most of my life. Usually my pat response to policy inquiry has been “Uhh, who’s the president now?” I hang my head in shame…

    I checked out your Birthday Blog entry. (Happy Birthday-mine is in the recent past and I concur with your thoughts!) I admire the fact that you take the time to write. I’m constantly brimming with thoughts, observations, stories, and poems. So often, by the time I TAKE THE TIME to sit down, they’re gone. Or changed by events that have made up the day. Brother John has given me a truly fine place to ramble.

    I rarely comment, but as Brother John knows, I am an infamous lurker! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and ideas and humor!


  16. Don Smith said,

    Eydie and Sammy,

    I might suggest a couple of things. Keep post it notes handy, they are easy to fill out and you can stick them up, keep a memo pad near the spot where you watch television, this I use quite a lot. I often get a storyline in a dream (I know this sounds kooky, but it is true, honest) and keep a pad by the bed, write as soon as you get up, you will forget the dream later on in the day.


    No, I was just kidding. But if you keep notes and you develop a habit of keeping paper, pens, whatever … It will pay off.

    Basically it boils down to this:

    01). Write.
    02). Write.
    03). Write often.
    04). Write about anything.
    05). Write about everything.
    06). Write about what you see.
    07). Write about what you learn.
    08). Write about what you think.
    09). Write about what you read.
    10). WRITE!


  17. Sis said,

    Hi Don,

    Here it is Oct. 15, and I’m just getting around to reading and responding to your comment. (Write, write, write!) I DO know what you mean about writing, and you are exactly right (or write). I always keep paper handy, I have grocery lists with scraps of poems, bank statements with descriptions of autumn, work report sheets with whimsical fairy tales. And, like you, I get a lot of my ideas from dreams. I dream very vividly and always in color. Some of my ideas for stories and poems come from dreams. One poem I wrote, When I Met God came from a recurring dream I have about a meadow where I can meet and talk with those I love who have died. Maybe I’ll blog about that for the next one. Anyway, thanks for the good advice and sorry I’m so tardy responding!

    Brother John‘s Sis

  18. Don Smith said,


    That’s it. You have it going your way and it seems like you are doing just what you need to do. Keep at it. The trick is (as I see it) to develop a discipline and then do your best to try and stick to it.


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