About Eydie and Sammy Wight

The happy couple!

Brother John has suggested (several times) that we provide some folksy and entertaining information about ourselves so that viewers of our little adventures into wine making and, hopefully, beekeeping can know something about us. Sammy and I were married June 23, 2007, in a yard wedding at our home. We had about 75 friends and family, the food was homemade by my mom and I, and our wedding cake featured a fiddle and guitar as cake toppers. Sammy has his roots in East Tennessee. Whenever he’s tired or among his family his drawl is sweet as Minsi Mountain honey. One of the many things I fell in love with. He has kind hazel eyes and hair long enough to make my dad uneasy. Sammy’s dad played fiddle for Ira Louvin and played at the Grand Ole Opry. So Sammy comes by his musical leanings naturally. There is no better way to win a sweetheart than sittin’ outside on a warm summer evening playing acoustic guitar. A little Nickel Creek, Dan Fogelburg, Keith Urban, always room for the Beatles and John Denver. When Sammy and I met I had longish red hair in curls and wisps and was partial to long hippie skirts and bare feet. I play a fairly shy fiddle, and have a liking for the tunes my grandfather (who Brother John and I called “Pop-paw”) taught us. Tunes with words like, “She’s long, she’s tall, she’s six foot from the ground.” and “It takes a good woman, now a days, to keep a good man at home.” I’ve started pickin’ on the mandolin I got Sammy for Christmas a few years ago, we’ll see how that goes.

Sammy and I live in rural central Pennsylvania. We can’t see any of our neighbors, but we have good neighbors. Our small piece of land (6 1/2 acres) goes up to the top of Hominy Ridge and holds a sizable chunk of my heart. I like flowers, and have something in bloom from March to October. I also love the wild plants and have a middling knowledge about their edible and medicinal uses. We eat “yard salad” of fresh dandelion and chicory greens, purslane, and chickweed in the spring and in the winter scour the nearby cut cornfields for winter cress which Sammy’s family calls “creasies”. I think the honeybees we plan to invite to our home in the spring will like my beds of lemon balm, hyssop, lavender, cleome, loosestrife, and centurea.

Our pets could have several pages of their own. The newest additions are “witch cats”, Emy and Ophelia. Emy is a poly dactyl black and gray tabby and Ophelia is an orange, gray, and black tabby with one green eye and one gold eye. Then there is Big Fat Sherman who had a nervous breakdown and won’t leave the shed, Viloula the Mouser, and Skinny Mr. Carter. We have two dogs, Jasper and Felon. Felon is a rescue Pitbull and Jasper is a German Shephard/husky mix (probably). We also have a 35 gallon fish tank that features Guido, an ancient tin foil barb that refuses to die. He has grown so large that I may have to fillet him in the end. Guido lies to anyone that will listen about how we starve him.

We do have children too! Well, hardly children any longer. And I’d better get their permission before I tell any possibly embarrassing stories about them. But, they are good kids who do us proud.

Sammy and I are both respiratory therapists who work in small community hospitals. We’re night shifters. Those that know us know that they can’t call us at 10 in the morning but they can call us in the middle of the night!

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  1. Brother John said,

    Nice addition Sis. Lots of folk have indicated they’d like to know more about the two of you so I’m glad you’ve updated this. Thank you!

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  2. Elaine Decker said,

    Congrats Eydie and Sammy,

    Sylvia gave me your blog site address so I’ll check in every so often. Eydie email me sometime or give me a call.


  3. Brother John said,


    Thank you so much for visiting Eydie and Sammy‘s blog site! This is Eydie‘s Brother John and I just wanted to be the first to welcome you to their site. Eydie and Sammy feed me lots of content, in various forms, and I use my technical skills to put it all together to create The Adventures of Eydie And Sammy Wight. I guess that makes me a part of their site as well. Please do check in as often as you can!

    Brother John (Blog Master)
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  4. Eydie said,


    Sooo good to hear from you! I’d love to call you or E-mail. Can you send me your info. again? I lost my address book in our last great computer crash. Do you get up to these parts to visit? I know you’ll be flying south or west for the winter soon if you haven’t already. I think of you often and wonder how you’re doing and where you are. Next September, we’ll be at “Conference by the Sea” in Ocean City, MD. No Focus, but beach side and hopefully nice and warm! I owe Sylvia a big favor for passing our blog site along to you. I look forward to talking to you!


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