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Vodpod videos no longer available. Well, well, well. We have ourselves a little music/audio player embedded in a free WordPress account. The first is a poem by Eydie Wight that I personally read and mixed in some music and sounds. The second is an actual tune done by Sammy wight way back in 1997 when he was in a band called Still In The Basement.
The Music Notes button gives you the song list, which can be quite large, and the square button next to it gives you detail about what you are hearing. Try it out.

Treasures Untold

Buck Reed Maternal grandfather of Brother John and Sister Eydie, “Pop-Paw” was a very talented man musically. He played a variety of musical instruments and could both sing and dance. I tried to do the best I could recovering this song from a very old cassette with only a little success. There was a lot of drag and distortion happening within that very old and brittle cassette!


The Ballad of Sammy Allen

By Eydie Wight

To the tune of: “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”

Come and listen to my story ’bout a mead makin’ man,
Name’s Sammy Allen he’s the best in the land.
Well one day he was mixin’ up some brew,
When he heard a bee a buzzin, and he knew just what to do.

Mead, that is, liquid gold, honey rush.

Now the first thing you know Sammy called Beekeeper Dan,
He said, “If you’ve got honey, then I’ve got myself a plan.
Dan said, “Minsi Mountain is the place you oughta ‘bee’,
You’ll make the finest mead from here to East Tennessee”

Hives that is, filled supers, happy bees.

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Sammy and his mead,
And to all of the adventures that I’m sure that it will lead.
You’re all invited back next year to sample this year’s brew,
And he’ll have something better than that good old mountain dew.

Mead, that is, make you sit a spell, knock your shoes off.
Y’all drink mead now, y’hear!

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